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Square Circle Forms
Square Circle

A smart bridge between payers and physicians so that you don't have to run after your forms or wait after a fax.

A clinic-in-a-box in the convenience of a nearby store in order to have a check-up on the go.

Vaccinate and follow-up automatically with your patients in order to detect potential side effects and help science progress.

The future is our canvas

Our interests

Clinical Decision Support

A clinical decision support system (CDSS) that suggests in real-time possible symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, etc.

Telemedicine Booths

A "clinic-in-a-box" solution inside a sound-proof pod that contains all necessary biometric tools.

Health Chatbots

A multi-lingual virtual nurse that interacts with a patient and provides reports & structured data.

Smart Forms

Finally an easy bridge between insurers, physicians, and patients with several time-saving features.

Automatic Documentation

No more time wasted writing down medical chart notes for your patients, let us do it all for you.

Linked Data

We are developing one of the most powerful medical knowledge bases that will revolutionize healthcare.

Solve these problems once for all!

Be the first to know and try.

The Square Circle Meaning

The story behind the name
Square the circle

3 seemingly impossible challenges

“Squaring the circle” is a known expression for achieving the impossible. We wanted to think outside the box and change what many deemed impossible in healthcare, one step at a time.

Efficient quality
Bridging silos
True Assistance

Everyone knows the age-long conflict between efficiency and quality of care. We wanted to create tools that would deliver both at the same time.

We wanted to finally create interconnected data that will give deep insight that we never suspected.

Finally, we wanted to naturally combine the intuition of human judgement with the precision of computer-powered assistance.

Square your circle

Working towards a common goal

We want to be the means to your end.
We want to partner with entities who are looking beyond themselves and are willing to think outside the box for the greater good of all.

Health & Life
The goal

We want to build the tools that will empower every layer of healthcare, may it be patients, care givers, health institutions, governments and even non-profits.

Our main purpose is helping you discover the health, the autonomy, and the quality of life we all desperately hope for.

The combination of square and circle has been driving our company since the beginning: "Empowering everyone to discover life unhoped for."

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Square or Circle?

We don't want to stay stuck in old paradigms if new ones can help.
We don't want those great ideas out there to remain unfulfilled.
We want to offer you a platform that makes it all come together.
The circle seems to flow smoothly in perfect harmony.
The square seems to rigidly contain and maintain set rules.
But what if the square could elevate the circle and all that it represents?

We don't want to hinder innovation, we want to highlight and bring to life the best in this world, like a picture frame to your dearest photos.

Let's see how these circles and squares can paint some beauty.

Let's Square Your Circle.